SUMMUS RENDER reinforces its plans for the future with a 1.600.000€ investment from Inveready Technology Investment Group and Caixa Capital Risc

• Summus Render is a tech company based in Madrid, specialising in mass computer processing. Its main business focus is 3D rendering for animation, architecture and engineering sectors.

• Inveready Technology Investment Group ( is one of the first Spanish investment groups focusing on innovation companies in their initial stages of life, with investment needs of between €0,5 and 4 million.

• Caixa Capital Risc is “la Caixa” group’s investment arm for venture capital, which invests in start-ups and the early stages of innovative companies, both in the fields of technology and digital business, as well as in life sciences.

• The entry of Inveready and Caixa Capital Risc as SummuS Render’s share holders will support the development of the first virtual studio platform working 100% from the cloud, allowing them to decentralize the cycle of the animation process, and therefore eliminating fixed costs for their clients. The development of the platform and SUMMUS’ significant growth during the last two financial years, along with the support of its financial partners, are key for the success of the company’s ambitious growth plan.

• The investment provided by Inveready and la Caixa has been complemented with support from the CDTI and the Spanish Ministry of Economy’s EMPLEA program.

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Transplant Biomedicals closes first investment in health of 2017 in Spain, €2.5 million

Caixa Capital Risc and Kereon Partners invest in spin-off created from
IDIBAPS-Hospital Clinic Barcelona technology transfer
The company will begin clinical trials on a device to improve the quality and
viability of kidney and liver transplants, which are the most common types in
Spain (2,905 and 1,162 respectively in 2015)
6 in 10 organs transplanted fail for various reasons, including current
transport storage methods (in picnic-style coolers)
Transplant Biomedicals has now raised more private capital than any other
non-diagnostic medical device company in Spain

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The “la Caixa” Foundation and “Caixa Capital Risc” open calls for applications for the CaixaImpulse program to promote the creation of new biotechnological engineering companies.

EIT Health, leading European consortium for innovation in biomedicine, collaborates in this edition of the pioneering program.

engineering companies.

• Tomorrow, the third call for applications for the CaixaImpulse program will be re-opened. This initiative of the “la Caixa” Foundation and Caixa Capital Risc will also have the support of EIT Health, the leading European consortium for innovation, research centres and innovation companies in the fields of biomedicine and health.

• This year’s edition will include two novelties: the call will be opened to Portugal and the number of beneficiaries will grow from 20 to 23.

• Projects can be presented to the program until the 15th of March, by Spanish and Portuguese research centres that are owners or co-owners of protected assets or are in the process of being so in the field of life science and health.

• Caixaimpulse is the first integrated program in Spain and Portugal for the transformation of scientific knowledge originated in research centres, universities and hospitals, into companies and products that will generate value to society, either in the form of a spin-off or a transfer agreement.

• The CaixaImpulse program will allocate over 2 million euros to the iniative. The selected projects will receive a financial benefit of up to 70.000 euros, destined to define and execute a valuation plan of the technology with the highest probability of success, as well as an eight-month expert support program valued in 300.000 euros, led by mentors, specialists, entrepreneurs, and internationally renowned educators.

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(Español) Nautal cierra una ronda de financiación de un millón de euros para iniciar la expansión internacional

(Español) • La ronda está liderada por Caixa Capital Risc, la gestora de capital riesgo de “la Caixa” y cuenta con la participación de la Red de Business Angels de IESE.

• es la agencia de alquiler online de embarcaciones con y sin patrón líder en España y cuenta con 9.000 embarcaciones por todo el mundo.

• El importe de la ronda va dirigido a consolidar su liderazgo en España, convertirse en líder europeo e iniciar la expansión al mercado americano.

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(Español) “la Caixa” e Inveready lideran una inversión de 1,3 millones de euros en Nanusens

(Español) • La compañía se dedica al desarrollo y diseño de dispositivos de microelectrónica para aplicaciones en movilidad, automoción, wearables y dispositivos conectados (Internet of Things –IoT).

• Caixa Capital Risc, la gestora de capital riesgo de “la Caixa”, e Inveready, a través del fondo Inveready First II, lideran la ronda, a la que hay que sumar la participación de inversores minoritarios privados.

• La ronda se destinará a finalizar las pruebas de un nuevo sensor de alto rendimiento y a preparar la compañía para la producción.

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