Caixa Capital Risc, together with the CDTI investment vehicle Innvierte Sustainable Economy, have reached an agreement with the shareholders of MealFood Europe to enter the capital of the leading start-up in the breeding and processing of insects for animal feed. After the transaction, Caixa Capital Risc and the CDTI will hold 40% of the company’s shares.

With the entry into MealFood Europe, Caixa Capital Risc –through Criteria Industrial Ventures- and the CDTI will help to consolidate the start-up as a leading industrial company in the pet food and animal feed sectors and in areas involving other agronomic and industrial uses. Specifically, the contribution of the new shareholders will allow MealFood’s technological systems to be implemented on an industrial scale and will boost the availability of its products in different international markets. This first phase, together with the subsequent expansion plan, will mean, in the medium term, an investment of around 50 million euros.

MealFood Europe was formed in 2014 in Salamanca, and was the first company in Europe to obtain all the necessary records for the marketing of products derived from insects. MealFood works with the tenebrio molitor insect, which allows its products to be positioned in the premium sectors of all its markets.

In a context of the continuous growth of the global population, which involves an increase in animal protein consumption requirements, insects are postulated as a new sustainable source of protein. Worldwide demand for protein is projected to grow by 250 million tonnes by 2035, making insects the most sustainable source to complement such demand in the aquaculture, poultry, pet food and pig farming markets.