Caixa Capital Risc invests in the early stages of innovative companies through convertible loans or equity. The company currently has investments in over 100 companies.

The companies in our portfolio are characterised by being led by highly committed entrepreneurs who have the technical and managerial skills to develop the project, that operate in large or growing markets across the world, and which work with market-proven technology with an innovative and profitable value proposition.

Research focused on the development of a therapeutic HIV vaccine to be used in healing and eradication strategies.
Improve your exposure treatments
Biopharmaceutical focused on developing therapeutic aptamers
Proveedor de una plataforma IoT industrial cibersegura de Edge Computing.
Purchase wine with a single click
Global supplier of mobile app protection solutions.
An online platform that allows hotels to be reserved by blocks of hours, where you can decide when you come in and when you leave.
Be noticed. We help you to customize.
Crystal Engineering
Software development company based in an own technology that helps and implements parallel programming
Motivation and team building
B2B service designed to provide content about events in travel destinations.
Geolocated job search app.
Taking advantage of the Company´s dark data.
Cutting edge technology for the care of chronic patients
Development of social video games for digital platforms.
Find a friendly home to take care of your pet when you‘re not around. Or become a pet-sitter and earn money while hosting someone else‘s pet.
Sea water purification with energy recovered energy.
Do you want to have your own vegetable garden at home?
Distributed energy's independent operator
Let your customers tell your story
Bonding for life
A new way to remember your loved ones
Life sports in first person
Advanced technological products and solutions
Cloud-based hosting service
Mobile app for express messaging of marketplaces for individuals and businesses.
Developement of the first in vitro diagnostic device for the early detection of cardiac ischemia.
Interactive kiosk and app, digital promotional channels for points of sale
Discounts and online offers up to 90% off
Solutions for increasing direct sales from hotels
Sale of tires online with home installation services via mobile workshops
Technologies for automating software production
Services for developing and manufacturing pharmaceutical products
A new communication and entertainment channel in-flight
Inbiomotion: Predicting bone metástasis
Unlocking intra-cellular drug targets
Audiokiosk, podcast, radio, mp3 & more
Learn, evolve and surf without limits
Prototyping solutions for web and mobile applications
Design and marketing of integrated circuits for Gigabit communications over plastic optical fibre
The augmented worker platform for the manufacturing industry.
 Your businesses in the palm of your hand
Competitive intelligence software
Web application performance management
Development of chips that allow imaging diagnostic devices to be miniaturised
Drugs for rare diseases
High impact digital projects available to all industries
Development of virtual display solutions using videogame technologies to improve sport events
Development of medicine for cancer stem cells for the treatment of cancer
novel therapeutic devices as a new disruptive approach to cáncer treatment.
MEMS sensors manufactured in CMOS for mobile.
Yacht charter
New coatings for next generation of medical implants
Wearable medical technologies
Opening space for everyone
Experts in enzymatic technology
Plant Response is the leading biotechnology company in the knowledge of plant’s innate immunities and in the management of stress and diseases in agricultural production.
Adding value to plastics
Cloud gaming like never before
Private online sales club
Discovery and development of new drugs
Automatic haute cuisine
The world's largest network of 5-star pet sitters and dog walkers.
New approach to calcification disorders
Development, manufacture and marketing of electric scooters
Connect spreadsheets, automate your work
Control, testing and measurement
Development of Point of Care diagnosis systems
Steel integrated services
Advanced 3D production services in the cloud.
At the forefront in aluminium
Intelligent hydraulic micro-turbines that generate electricity for water distribution networks.
Production of advanced composite materials
Software for travel booking and customization.
Marketplace of travel experiences that facilitate tourists activities organized by local people
Development of urban sensors and software to manage data in real-time.
Validated ID offers security and simplicity for electronic signature processes and digital verification.
Self-learning AI for process automation & data extraction.
Legal information products
Your virtual market
3D on any device, only with software.
Tech tool for financing projects with high social impact.
World leader in manufacturing and distributing eco-friendly ice rinks
Social Business platform that brings organisations a new way to work: collaboration, innovation, and mobility.