Summus Render has announced that Inveready and Caixa Capital Risc have become shareholders in the company, with a €1.6 million investment, which includes CDTI and the Spanish Ministry of Economy’s contribution, associated to their R&D investments.

SummuS Render is the largest privately funded render farm, specialising in animated films and special effects. Since its establishment, it has specialized in animation and special effects, offering services to Goya award winning feature films such as “Las Aventuras de Tadeo Jones” (2012) and “Futbolín” (2013), or “Atrapa la Bandera” (2015), as well as “Ozzy” (2016), “Final Fantasy XV” (2016) or “Animal Crackers” and “Tadeo Jones 2” (in production).

Among other activities, SummuS Render actively supports the animation sector in Spain through the competition it organizes, Summa 3D, participating in rendering animation shorts such as “Blue & Malone, Imaginary Detectives” (2013, Goya nominee), “Just the beginning” (2015, Goya nominee), as well as actively participating in the production of international shorts such as La Noria (USA 2017), among others.

Its computing centre has been awarded by the Data Center Market 2013 and Datacenter Dynamics 2014, a prestigious international award for innovation in the micro data center.

The animation market accounted for over 350 billion dollars in 2015, with an annual growth of over 10%. The audio-visual production sector represents approximately 20% of the market, while the rest of the industry is encompassed by special effects (15%), and personalised content. This large market has gained importance thanks to the introduction of animation into diverse sectors, such as advertising, architecture, simulation or videogames, to cite only a few examples. In this context, SummuS Render has grown to quadruplicate its sales during the last few years, turning into an enterprise with a global vision.

The company’s business plan, along with the investment made, intend to consolidate the company’s leadership in the local market, as well as to support their definite bid for expansion towards international markets. In 2017, the company is also expected to launch their SIMPLE ANIMATION platform, which will operate entirely from the cloud. This platform will allow users to reduce an enormous percentage of production costs, and will allow SUMMUS to cover their market needs for a rapid expansion.

The three-way operation has counted on the professional support of the “Compás Professional Expertise” office in Barcelona, that has been commissioned to oversee legal and operative aspects. The law firm specialising in start-ups LexCrea have acted as advisors Inveready.