Investment Vehicles

Caixa Capital Risc invests in the early stages of innovative companies based in Spain. The company currently manages different investment vehicles. Funds are provided primarily by ”la Caixa” Group, with a minority participation by public and private investors.

Seed phase:

  • Technology: The management has venture capital vehicles aimed to provide funding for the early stages of innovative companies. The vehicles co-invest with entrepreneurs, business angels, etc. through capital and equity loans, and accompany projects in the following investment rounds; Caixa Capital Micro and Caixa Capital Micro II, invest 8 and 17 million euros respectively.
  • Life sciences: Caixa Innvierte Start: Vehicle of 21,5 million euros directed at companies of recent constitution with technology that represents a disruption, with a long maturing cycle on which a company with high potential of growth can be built, with a special focus on life science enterprises.

Startup phase:

  • Life sciences: Caixa Capital BioMed and Caixa Innvierte BioMed II: vehicles providing 17 and 46,5 million euros respectively, specialising in life sciences and aimed at covering series A rounds of companies dedicated to biotechnology and medical equipment.
  • Manufacturing: Caixa Innvierte Industria: vehicle that provides 35 million euros and manufacturing technology for small and medium sized enterprises with international expansion.
  • Digital technology: Caixa Capital TIC and Caixa Capital TIC II: vehicles providing 20 and 30 million euros, specialising in communications technology and the Internet, aimed at covering series A rounds of start-ups.