Seed Phase – Technology

Caixa Capital Micro and Caixa Capital Micro II are micro venture capital instruments that invest in companies’ equity, primarily through convertible loans of up to 200,000€, with a temporary option for capitalisation. The purpose of these instruments are is to temporarily accompany projects during their development process, observing from within whether or not they have true growth potential.

If the potential is there, the loan is converted into company shares and the company is accompanied in the next round of funding. The vehicles promote co-investment with other agents operating in the same stage: business accelerators, public funds, private investors, etc. Caixa Capital Micro invest in Spanish companies:

  • Led by highly committed entrepreneurs with the technical and managerial skills necessary to develop the project
  • With a value proposition that resolves a real market need or that has identified the most effective way to solve it
  • With a vocation to develop itself in an international market
  • That have scalable business, with special attention paid to growing markets

The company has the guarantees of:

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