Startup Phase – Digital Technologies

Caixa Capital TIC and Caixa Capital TIC II are venture capital companies with a total committed capital of 20 and 30 million Euros.  Both of them invest a maximum of 3 million Euros, depending on the project needs. These funds invest in equity and promote co-investment with third parties.

Caixa Capital TIC and Caixa Capital TIC II invest in digital technology fields, which include:

  • Telecommunications
  • Software
  • Internet and e-commerce
  • Entertainment and Media
  • Game development

These funds invest in Spanish companies:

  • Led by highly committed entrepreneurs with the technical and managerial skills necessary to develop the project
  • With a value proposition that resolves a real market need or that has identified the most effective way to solve it
  • With a calling to develop itself in an international market
  • With scalable business, with special attention paid to growing markets


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