Seed Phase – Life sciences

Caixa Innvierte Start is a venture capital company with a total committed capital of 21,5 million euros.

Its investments will range from three-hundred thousand euros (300.000€) to two million euros (2.000.000€), and will also encourage co-investments with other investors.

 The type of enterprises the fund is foreseen to invest in are

  • companies of recent constitution, occasionally as a shareholder in them,
  • which present new, disruptive technology in protection process,
  • a long maturing cycle (which means, that they do not foresee commercialization in under two years)
  • normally originating from a research group of reference, from which a company with a high potential of growth can be built.
  • Mainly in the life science industry.

The challenges these companies face are basically: (i) validating technology/scientific hypothesis; (ii) developing the product and (iii) capturing the interest of investors to design the development and growth of the company.

This vehicle is part of the INNVIERTE Program, driven by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, through the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI, initials in Spanish). 

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